Deborah Brakeley


Counsellor, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Child Specialist.

I have enjoyed my counseling work with children, adults, and families since 1983. I have worked within organizations, a medical clinic, and in private practice as a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

I view counselling as a holistic process that takes into account the whole person. That is, the mental, practical, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of life as well as the capacity for strength, courage, transformation, and well-being.

I support individuals in expanding their outlook, awareness, and experience of life so that it includes a deepened sense of truth, wholeness, connection, purpose, resilience, compassion, optimism, and joy! I support couples who wish to deepen their experience of intimacy and commitment to a long-term relationship. As well as the growth of emotional and intimate connection, I help couples learn and use effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

I provide emotional and practical support to parents experiencing the change and loss associated with separation and divorce. I work as a Collaborative Divorce Coach and Mediator to help them develop a comprehensive parenting plan, effective communication, and co-parenting skills. I support parents’ efforts to make life-enhancing decisions on behalf of their children and the family as a whole.

I provide counseling support for children who are experiencing the emotions and changes associated with their parents’ separation and the re-structuring of the family. This may include the role of Child Specialist within the Collaborative Divorce process.

I meet with clients at my office in the South Granville area in Vancouver and I can also set up phone and Skype counselling sessions.

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